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CRANs provide several packages for working with network data. Existing packages include:

However, there is a limited connectivity between those packages as it goes for functions that enable the user to convert network objects created using one package into network objects used in other packages. Package intergraph aims at bridging that gap.

The package intergraph provides methods for converting network data objects between classes defined in other packages. Currently (as of intergraph version 2.0-0) classes from packages network and igraph (version > 0.6-0) are supported.

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Stable version

The most recent stable version is available on CRAN servers. You can install it using the features available in your R GUI or use the following R command:


Development version

The unstable development version is available from R-Forge. You can install the nightly build using the following R command:

install.packages("intergraph", repos="")
Please mind, that R-Forge provide binary versions of the packages only for the most recent version of R!

Last but not least, you can checkout the sources from the Subversion repository. See here how to do that.


See the short tutorial here.

Bugs and requests

Please do report bugs! I do my best to fix any errors. If you find one, please use the dedicated Bugs tracker on R-Forge to see if it is already known. If not known, drop a message on the help forum.


MichaƂ Bojanowski
ICM, University of Warsaw